Warning! Keep this in mind when looking for a cheap heat pump

Warning, keep this in mind! - Cheap heat pumps

Here is a list of warnings to help you avoid certain pitfalls that exist when looking for a cheap heat pump.

Warning 1: The heat pump must be Nordic-adapted!

It is important that your heat pump is Nordic-adapted if it is to be used in Sweden. This is because we in the Nordic countries have a climate with a lot of cold and humidity. Nordic-adapted heat pumps are adapted for this and have good defrosting. In order for you to get a good energy saving, it is necessary that your heat pump works well when it is cold. It is therefore worth paying a little more for a heat pump that is Nordic-adapted.

Warning 2: Avoid Quick Connect!

Quick Connect is a system that cheap heat pumps often have. It can also be called Quick Connection or something similar. The system is marketed with the fact that it is prepared for a simple installation and that it is already pre-filled with refrigerant. These heat pumps do not pay off in the long run as the system entails many risks.

Warning 3: Buy a strong enough heat pump!

One mistake that many people make when looking for a cheap heat pump is that they buy a pump that is too weak for the space it is to heat. A heat pump that is too weak costs you more in the long run as it often has to run at full power, which wears more on the pump. This means that you will probably have to replace the heat pump earlier than if you had a pump of the correct strength. In addition, a heat pump of the right size provides better energy savings. So even though you may have to pay an extra thousand bucks in purchase price, you will within that few months saved that cost.

Warning 4: Choose a reliable dealer!

A dealer of heat pumps can show up and then disappear just as quickly. Even if you buy your heat pump from the installer, this applies. If the company goes bankrupt, a long warranty is not worth much. Therefore, buy your heat pump from a stable company. It must be possible to check the company's finances and creditworthiness. A company's certifications can also indicate that it is a reliable company, it is one Certified Heat Pump Installer ?

Warning 5: Avoid unknown marks!

Brands can also appear and disappear in the same way. Cheap and unknown brands are often sold in DIY stores, mainly from China. You should be wary of really cheap heat pumps of unknown brands. Buy instead from a brand known for being reliable and of good quality. Instead, save money by buying a good brand heat pump on the internet.

Warning 6: Avoid gray imported heat pumps!

Gray import means that a company in Sweden buys its heat pumps via a company in a country outside Sweden, instead of from a Swedish general agent. The pump can then be sold at a very low price, which attracts many customers. However, the consequences can be boring for both the customer and the heating industry in general.

Gray import from the customer's perspective

  • In the event of a complaint and service matter, the customer wants to turn to a Swedish player and get help. If the importing company from which you bought the pump is no longer on the market, you have very little opportunity to receive compensation or help.
  • Several * of the pumps that are imported in gray are not intended for our cold Nordic climate (* There are gray imported Nordic adapted heat pumps). The heat pump model can be named exactly the same as a Nordic-adapted machine, but lacks both a heat loop for defrosting and the correct compressor setting. The result is a pump that does not deliver the promised performance and breaks down.
  • Companies that sell heat pumps should make home visits to the customer. This is to inform where the pump should be placed to get the best effect. You must also go through the conditions that apply to a heat pump in combination with the builder's other heating systems. When you buy a pump via the internet, that service is not included.
  • According to law, heat pumps must be installed by a qualified installer. Several of the companies that sell gray imported pumps sell them without installation. That should not be possible. In other cases, the pump is sold with installation, but for the customer it is almost impossible to check which company will do the installation and if they have the right authorization.

Gray imports seen from the heating industry's perspective

  • Gray imports can benefit the heat industry through repairs of heat pumps. Companies that buy their pumps through a secure general agent in Sweden cannot possibly compete with the gray importing companies' low prices.
  • Companies that comply with the regulations, and make home visits to their customers, must charge a higher price - which results in a distorted competitive situation.
  • Using a quality-assured installation company costs more, which is reflected in the final price to the customer.