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Heat pump forum on Facebook

Heat pump forum on Facebook

Are you looking for a forum where you can ask your questions about heat pumps? Then we recommend the Facebook group Heat pump techniques with or without limits

At the moment, Facebook has the group over 4100 medlemmar.

Heat pump technicians with or without limits are ONE group for us who are connected to heat pumps. Here can we give each other tips and tricks. The group is public to begin with. We who work with heat pumps are in the borderland between refrigeration technicians and plumbers and electrical technicians. The labor market is bright for all of us and it is perfectly okay for companies to put in a flash about recruitment, but it should say what landscape it is about in the ad. Personal attacks on any member means suspension and blocking from the group. No sexual abuse, or discrimination and abusive comments due to gender etc. In case of outbursts or unpleasant posts / answers, the member is deactivated for 7 days, it is repeated and he / she is removed from the group.

Heat pump techniques with or without limits

Latest Popular posts from the Facebook group:

Has received an alarm on my Ivt greenline geothermal heat pump which has been running without a fault for 15 years.
Low pressure switch.
I think it may have reduced something in the inspection glass on the refrigerant.
Watch the movie what do you think ??
I have tested all circulating pumps and also the compressor runs when you run these in the menu.
Both filters are clean.
But as I said, it sometimes stops.
Suggestions on what it could be or am I on the right track ??

Heat pump forum on Facebook

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