How a heat pump works. Text and video explanation

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A heat pump is a device whose function is to transfer heat from a cold place to a warm place. The heat pump changes the temperature of the heating medium that is used to transfer the heat as heat cannot be transported from cold to hot.

As it saves energy, money and the environment, the heat pump is usually a good investment. If you have a house that is electrically heated or oil-heated and already uses water-borne heat, you will get the greatest savings on investing in a heat pump.

Under optimal conditions, a good heat pump can reach a heat factor of 6.0. This means that the heat pump can provide 600 W of heat to a room by using 100 W of electrical energy. A geothermal heat pump that normally gives back four times as much energy as it uses.

During really cold days or if the heating system does not work, most heating systems that use heat pumps are supplemented with an immersion heater.


How does a heat pump work?

The heat pump works by allowing its heating medium or refrigerant, which is in gaseous form, to be heated by a cold environment to a temperature below the temperature of the cold environment. A pump then pumps up the pressure in the subsequent part of the heat pump and to the same degree as the pressure increases, the temperature also increases. This can be compared to how a bicycle pump gets hot when you pump air into the tire. When the temperature in the heat pump has increased so that it is higher than the temperature in the room to be heated, the heat pump's heating medium can emit heat to the room. This also means that the heating medium is cooled slightly. When the heating medium has cooled, it is allowed to expand so that it becomes colder throughout. Then it can be reheated by the cold environment.

What is the difference between air conditioning and a heat pump

The difference between a heat pump and air conditioning is very small. It can be said that the heat pump, by transferring the heat from the warm room to the approximately equally warm environment, works backwards. But most air source heat pumps can function as both a heat pump and air conditioner

How well does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps from a quality brand usually work very well and keep what is promised.

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How does a heat pump work?

Wikipedia information about heat pump

Heat pump A heat pump is a technical device that transfers heat from a cold to a hot place. For this to be possible, energy in some form must be supplied, according to the second main theorem of thermodynamics. The apparent efficiency (heat factor) in a heat pump can reach up to 500 percent. The technology in a heat pump is basically the same as in a cooling system. The main difference between these two is the area of ​​use; heat pumps are used for heating, while cooling systems are used for cooling.