Brands on cheap heat pumps

Brands on cheap heat pumps

Many brands on the market

In the Swedish market, there are many different heat pump brands. Here we will go through some affordable brands that also have good quality. When choosing a heat pump, it can be a good idea to start from a brand of good quality, and then try to bring down the price.

Cheap heat pumps with good test results

To find a good brand, you can see what the heat pumps got for test results in different tests. A good source of test information is the Swedish Energy Agency.

Air / air heat pumps with good test results

If you want a really good air / air heat pump, you can get good guidance from the Swedish Energy Agency's test. In addition, the Swedish Energy Agency states the prices of the various heat pumps, so you can take the price into account when comparing the pumps' test results.

Examples of good air / air heat pumps:

  • LG Nordisk Prestige - tested March 2013
  • Mitsubishi FH25 and FH35 - November 2012
  • Panasonic HE9NKE - tested December 2012
  • Toshiba Polar / Daiseikai 35 (RAS-35SKVP2-ND) - tested December 2012

Air / water heat pumps with good test results

The Swedish Energy Agency has also tested some air / water heat pumps, although they have not tested as many air / water heat pumps as other heat pumps. There are some good air / water heat pumps that are missing from the tests.

Below is a list of some air / water heat pumps that have received good test results.

Examples of good air / water heat pumps:

  • Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan (PUHZ-W85VHA2) - tested September 2012
  • Toshiba Estia (HWS-802H-E) - tested September 2011

Heat pumps of quality brands at a low price

Here is some information about some of the quality brands available on the Swedish market. These brands stand for good quality so you can feel confident that you will get a good heat pump. They are also relatively cheap compared to some other brands available.

Bosch heat pumps

A brand that is well known and stands for white goods of good quality is Bosch. If you buy from Bosch, you get a lot of heat pump for a relatively low cost. Even at low outdoor temperatures, Bosch air / water heat pumps have a high power and to ensure that the heat is spread throughout the room, the air / air heat pumps have a "Coanda" function.

Daikin heat pumps

When it comes to heat pumps, Daikin is one of the world's biggest brands. The company puts a lot of energy into its research, both in terms of heat pumps and refrigerant. Through this, they have developed heat pumps that suit the Nordic market and that can give a high effect even at very low temperatures.

Fujitsu heat pumps

A brand that has won several awards and received good test results is Fujitsu. The company's air / air heat pumps, called Fujitsu Arctic, have a great advantage over other heat pumps as its interior has a lower height than other brands. This means that it can be placed over windows or doors where the interior parts of other brands are too large. Fujitsu also has a series of good air / water heat pumps called Fujitsu Waterstage.

LG heat pumps

In 2013, LG's air / air heat pump LG Nordisk Prestige was tested with brilliant results. No matter where you live, the heat pump showed the best energy savings. LG also has a good series of air / water heat pumps called LG Therma

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps

If you are looking for really good quality, Mitsubishi is a good choice. Mitsubishi Electric is becoming really popular in Sweden and there are rarely any complaints about the pump. If you want an air / air heat pump of design model, there is Mitsubishi Zen. When Mitsubishi's air / water heat pump Ecodan by the Swedish Energy Agency was compared with more expensive competitors, it got very good test results.

Panasonic heat pumps

A brand that is popular and well known in the Swedish market is Panasonic. In December 2012, the company's air heat pump HE9NKE received very good test results, which will not damage the company's reputation. Panasonic also has a series of good quality air / water heat pumps called Panasonic Aquarea.

Toshiba heat pumps

Ett genuint kvalitetsmärke som länge producerat testvinnande värmepumpar är Toshiba. Om man följer Energimyndighetens tester är Toshiba ett säkert val oavsett om du söker en luft/luftvärmepump, serien Toshiba Polar, eller en luft/vattenvärmepump, serien Toshiba Estia.