Release certificate

certificate of release

This service has been awarded a publishing certificate by the Swedish Press, Radio and Television Authority. A publication certificate is a measure and an official decision which means that publication and the so-called database (the entire website Vä are covered and protected by the Constitution on Freedom of Expression (YGL). When a publishing certificate is issued by the authority, a responsible publisher has been appointed and registered, as well as the name of the service (database). Our responsible publisher is Niklas Lindvall and the name of the database is "värmepumpen, vä".

Our publication certificate is valid until October 2029-09-11.

GDPR does not apply to the heat pump

The European regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) replaced in 2018 in Sweden the previous Personal Data Act (PuL). As before the entry into force of the GDPR, the Regulation allows Member States to derogate from the Regulation if it is necessary to maintain the right to freedom of expression. This means that GDPR does not apply to the service vä or other services that have been awarded a publishing certificate - which thus possesses the same constitutional protection as constitutionally protected mass media.

We care about correct information

Of course, we want the information published about you to be accurate. Should you discover inaccuracies in the information, we recommend that you contact the authority that handles the task. Is it about e.g. registration address, you should contact the Swedish Tax Agency, while you should contact the Swedish Companies Registration Office if it is about the address of your company.