Toshiba Polar värmepumpar - Värmepumpen

Toshiba Polar heat pumps

Toshiba Polar heat pump

Toshiba is a high-tech and world-leading company in the production of advanced electronics and electronic products.

Toshiba was founded in 1875 and today consists of more than 740 companies with 200,000 employees with a worldwide distribution. Annual sales exceed $ 63 billion. Toshiba is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has production in 5 different business areas Power systems & Social Infrastructure (Turbines, railways, batteries for ECO cars). Electronic Devices. Life style (white goods, pc). Community Solution (air conditioning, LED lights, elevators). Healthcare (X-ray equipment).

Toshiba hvac in the Nordics / Sweden

Toshiba hvac (heating ventilation aircondition) is represented in Sweden and Finland via Beijer Ref. based in Malmö.

Through a number of distributors, Toshiba provides the Swedish market with energy-efficient climate solutions. Heat pumps cooling systems for both homes and offices. Also more advanced solutions so-called VRF systems for cooling and heating of hotels, hospitals, etc. included in the product sotiment.


Principles for corporate and social responsibility are at the heart of Toshiba's business strategy and operations. These include philosophy and policy, operations, shareholder involvement, social performance and the company's civic responsibility. Values ​​such as respect for human life, environmental awareness and compliance with legal requirements are integrated into our daily activities in our role as corporate citizens on earth.

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Toshiba Polar heat pumps