Tips for cheap and good heat pump

Tips for cheap heat pump

Here are tips on how to get a high quality heat pump at a great price.

  1. Take advantage of offers and promotions

As with most products, there are sometimes offers and promotions on heat pumps that you can take advantage of. You can get your heat pump at a cheaper price and sometimes you can even get something extra on the purchase.

  1. Buy your heat pump online

Heat pumps, like most products, are usually cheaper to buy in an online store. As the online store does not have any expensive operating costs for physical stores, they are usually able to offer heat pumps at a lower price. The online store also usually sells more as they can reach a larger market and this also means that prices can be reduced.

  1. Buy heat pump and installation together

To avoid problems, you should buy the heat pump and the installation together. A cheaply purchased heat pump can be expensive when you need to find someone to install it.

  1. Use the ROT deduction for the installation

To reduce the cost of installing your heat pump, you can use the ROT deduction. Then you can deduct 30% of the labor cost. This way, you also save money on installation.

  1. Buy a new heat pump

In recent years, heat pumps have improved considerably, so you save more overall if you buy a new pump than if you buy a cheap used heat pump that is 5 years old.

  1. See if last year's model is ok?

Even if the heat pumps improve over the years, there is usually not much difference between last year's model and this year's model. The price of previous models is usually lowered when a new model comes out. Last year's model can therefore be bought cheaper than this year's model.

  1. Invest in a quality brand

Comparing prices between suppliers to get the cheapest price for a good heat pump is smart. But it rarely pays to buy a very cheap brand of heat pump to save money on the purchase. The market is full of cheap and bad heat pumps that do not live up to their promise.

  1. The heat pump must be Nordic-adapted.

Heat pumps of cheap brands are often not Nordic-adapted and therefore probably cannot withstand a Swedish winter. Buying a heat pump abroad is risky for the same reason. If you want a heat pump that performs extra well and has a long shelf life, you can choose a heat pump that is not only Nordic-adapted but also specially developed for the Nordic climate.

  1. Compare retailers' prices for heat pumps

Comparing the prices of the different retailers is always a good idea. This way you can get your heat pump at the best price. However, keep in mind that a low price is not everything, make sure that the pump is also of good quality.

  1. What guarantee does the heat pump have?

The guarantee is influenced by a number of different factors and is really a chapter in itself. It is a good idea to check which warranty the heat pump is sold with. It can be worth the money to get the security of a longer warranty. Keep in mind, however, that a long warranty period outweighs a stable company that is expected to last for many years. A rogue or unstable company that offers a long warranty may not be there when you need to use the warranty. So your cheap heat pump can be significantly more expensive than expected.

  1. Buy a reasonably powerful heat pump

When you buy a heat pump, it is important that you think about the savings you can make in the long run and not just how cheap the pump is. If you buy a heat pump that is too weak for the home it is to heat, it will cost you money in the long run. A pump that is too weak often has to run at full power, which wears out the pump more. Although you may have to pay an extra thousand bucks in purchase price, you will save that cost within a few months.

  1. Make a Quotation Request for Heat Pumps

There are several different quote services for heat pumps where you can easily bring in several Quotations for Heat Pumps.


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5 tips for you who are going to buy a heat pump

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