Test av Värmepumpar - Värmepumpen

Test of Heat Pumps

Tests of air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and also other types of heat pumps have been performed by many. Various tests of heat pumps that you can read through are listed on this page.


The heat pump industry is mostly a good and reliable industry, what is promised is usually kept. If the tests show that the heat pump in normal operation has an efficiency ratio, COP number or Q number of 5 or more, you should not use these suppliers. Such a value is impossible for a heat pump to withstand under normal conditions.

Tests of geothermal heat pumps

Listed below are some of the better ones tests and comparisons of geothermal heat pumps:


Tests on air source heat pumps

At the bottom is a pair tests and comparisons of air source heat pumps:

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The Swedish Energy Agency conducts tests on heating

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