How does a solar heat pump work? We explain with text image and video.

The function of the solar heat pump

What is a solar heat pump?

Solar heat pumps are based on the same technology as ground source heat pumps, but can take advantage of the sun's heat rays directly by mounting a solar collector with the pump. Other heat pumps can only utilize solar energy indirectly by taking the heat out of, for example, rock or water.

The solar heat pump is very efficient

The sun can, depending on how strong it is, either heat water and a water-based heating system directly or preheat the liquid used in the pump. If it is used to preheat liquid to the pump, the need for operating energy is reduced by approximately 40%, which normally results in a saving of at least SEK 5,000 per year. This is because the heat pump becomes more efficient and requires less operating energy when the temperature difference between the source and the target is as low as possible.

A solar heat pump contributes to heating and reduces energy costs throughout the year. It is also possible to have most of the energy needs satisfied by solar energy during May to September, which are the warmest months.

Combine with rock heat

From an environmental point of view, a solar heat pump is an optimal solution as it uses our largest and most climate-smart energy resource, the sun's rays. This reduces the need to use environmentally destructive and non-renewable energy. It is also an economically advantageous investment.

The solar collector can advantageously be used together with rock heat as the heat energy supplied by the solar collector means that it is not necessary to take as much heat energy from the borehole, which makes it easier to maintain the right temperature in the borehole. In addition, the higher temperature of the liquid is returned to the borehole if the rock heat pump is combined with a solar collector.

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