Cheap air-to-water heat pumps

Cheap air-to-water heat pumps

Are you looking for a high quality air / heat pump at a favorable price? Are you looking for an air / heat pump at a really low price?

Which price suits you?

Some air / water heat pumps have a built-in water heater. Some are included in packages with water heaters and sometimes the water heater is purchased separately. The heat pump can also be connected to your existing water heater. If the hot water tank is included in any way, this is stated with vvb.

Buy cheap air / water heat pump

If you want a high quality air / water heat pump but at a reasonable price, you can turn to the Polar pump.

Air / water heat pump - a cheap heat pump

An air / water heat pump can provide relatively large energy savings for a relatively low investment cost. As the name suggests, the air / water heat pump takes its heat from the air outdoors, which it then uses to heat water for the home's waterborne heating system and tap water. Because it draws its heat from the air outdoors, it is easier to install than ground heat, sea heat or rock heat, which is noticeable on the cost.

A profitable investment

If you take advantage of the ROT deduction and find a pump at a good price, it usually costs around SEK 60,000 to 100,000 to invest in an air / water heat pump. That investment will pay for itself soon.

Investing in, for example, geothermal heat can be twice as expensive, even if the energy savings are slightly more than for an air / water heat pump. With an air / water heat pump, you can make an energy saving of 40-65%. This in combination with the relatively low investment cost means that the air / water heat pump pays for itself faster, often within 5 years, while a ground source heat pump can take over 10 years before it pays for itself.

How do I get the price of the air / water heat pump down?

To get the most favorable price on your heat pump, you should compare the different retailers. Even if you choose the same model and brand, the prices can differ significantly between the dealers.

To be able to more easily compare between the dealers, it can be a good idea to receive quotes on your air / water heat pump.

Some dealers offer standard installations for air / water heat pumps and also pumps at fixed prices. Comparing between the dealers will then be easy.

Air / water heat pumps are available with different capacities so you should choose a make and model that suits your needs

Installation price of air / water heat pump

A good reason to receive several quotes is that installation costs can vary. The reason for this is that it is different what is included in the installation. To get the installation you need, you should therefore read carefully what is included. You may want everything included and done by someone with experience. You may want to do some things yourself, such as shipping the old boiler away.

If you buy an installation of the type standard installation, all the usual things are included and you can then buy for the steps you want or need help with.

Quotations for air / water heat pumps

It is a good idea to take in several quotes when you buy an air / water heat pump. You can then calmly compare between them and then choose the pump that is right for you. It is also easier to find shortcomings and errors in the quotes if you have several different ones to compare between. You may realize that the cheapest is cheap because important elements are missing from the quote.

Before installing an air / water heat pump, the installer should visit your home to investigate the conditions for the installation. Then you can find out if the system you have chosen is suitable for the house and if it is something that needs to be supplemented.

Cheaper air / water installation with ROT deduction

To reduce the cost of installing your heat pump, use the ROT deduction.

You can then deduct 30% of the labor cost, for an air / water pump installation it often means closer to SEK 10,000.

To consider when buying a cheap air / water heat pump

When looking for a cheap air / water heat pump, you should think about some things to avoid getting scammed.

Nordic-adapted air / water heat pump

In order for your air / water heat pump to withstand the Swedish winter, it needs to be Nordic-adapted. In Sweden, most heat pumps sold are Nordic-adapted, but if you find a heat pump at a really cheap price, it may be because it is not Nordic-adapted. If you are tempted to buy a cheap heat pump from southern Europe, there is a great chance that you will get a heat pump that is not Nordic-adapted and therefore will not survive the Swedish winter.

Cheap air / water heat pump of quality brand

In order to feel safe with your purchase, you should avoid cheap rubbish and buy a heat pump from a quality brand, such as Fujitsu or Mitsubishi.

Choose a good brand and a suitable model you want, then calmly compare the costs at the various retailers. A large online store can often offer both a heat pump and installation at a good price.

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How does an air water heat pump work?