How does an air source heat pump work? Heat energy extracted from the outdoor air

How an Air / Air Heat Pump Works

How much energy can you save?

How much energy you can save with an air-to-air heat pump depends, among other things, on where in the country you live, the layout of the house and how great the need for heating is. An installer should be able to make a calculation that shows an approximate energy saving for your particular house.

The open floor plan is optimal

An air-to-air heat pump fits best in houses with an open floor plan because the hot air can then circulate freely. In larger houses, you may need several indoor parts if you want to heat the whole house, for example one downstairs and one upstairs. Where the heat pump is located is important for how much energy it can save in your house.

Regulate the heat correctly

Before you get an air-to-air heat pump, it is important to make sure that the house's heating regulation is correctly adjusted. The thermostats on the radiators (elements) must only be switched on when the heat pump is unable to maintain the indoor temperature.

Supplementary heat source

When it is really cold outside, the heat pump is switched off because there is so little heat to get in the outdoor air, then a supplementary heat source is needed.

Drain the defrost water

If it is colder than + 7 ° C, the air-to-air heat pump is defrosted from time to time automatically to avoid ice on the evaporator battery. There can be large amounts of water from the defrost in a year. Drain the defrost water so that a pile of ice does not form under the heat pump and to avoid damaging the house foundation or the vegetation in the garden.

Noise can be annoying

The noise from both the outdoor and indoor areas can be perceived as disturbing. Avoid placing the heat pump near the bedroom, patio or neighbors. The nature of the sound is also important for whether it is perceived as disturbing or not. Ask the installer to listen to the heat pump so that you can create your own opinion before you decide.

At least three quotes

Request at least three quotes from different installers. The offer must include everything needed to get a functional facility. The quote should also include financial calculations, an energy calculation that shows approximately how much the air-to-air heat pump can save in your house. The terms for delivery, service, payment and various guarantees must be clearly stated.

Hire a certified installer

Since 2009, there is a requirement that the plumber must be certified. It is not enough for the company to have a certificate. The installer must be able to prove this via identification.

Mandatory energy labeling

It is the law that air-to-air heat pumps must be energy-labeled. The label is common to the EU countries.

Air / Air

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    How an Air / Air Heat Pump Works