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Cheap air-to-air heat pumps

Are you wondering which air / air heat pump is right for you? Are you looking for a high quality heat pump at a reasonable price? Are you looking for a heat pump at a really low price?

Which price suits you?

Buy cheap air / air heat pump

You can turn to various internet providers of heat pumps if you are interested in an affordable air / air heat pump as the e-shop always has favorable prices.

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Ordinary, cheap heat pumps that fit everywhere

As it fits in almost all types of houses, air / air heat pumps are very common.

Air / air heat pumps can with advantage be installed in houses where there is no water-borne heating system as it easily dissipates heat via the air.

In this way, you can save a large part of your energy consumption at a low price and thereby also reduce your costs.

Air / air - a cheap heat pump

The air / air heat pump works by utilizing heat from the outdoor air, which it then distributes via the indoor air.

The pump is easy to install as it is relatively straightforward. By being simple, the cost of both the pump and the installation is affected. In other words, an air / air heat pump is a heat pump at a low price.

During hot summer days, the pump can also be used to produce cold. Bacteria, viruses, pollen and other allergens are also filtered from the air via the air / air heat pump.

The investment that is repaid

When you invest in something, you do it with the idea of ​​getting money back in the long run. Therefore, one should see it as an investment to install a heat pump. If you use the ROT deduction during installation and get hold of a heat pump at a favorable price, the investment cost is between SEK 15,000 - 20,000. The low investment cost will soon pay for itself as an air / air heat pump can provide an energy saving of 30–55%.

It may be a better idea to choose an air / water heat pump if you have a water-borne system in the home.

How do I lower the price of the air-to-air heat pump?

To get the most favorable price on your heat pump, you should compare the different retailers. There can be differences of thousands of kronor between different retailers, so by comparing the prices you can get your heat pump at the best price. Price comparison sites such as PriceSpy can be very helpful when you want to compare prices.

You can easily realize that it is cheaper to buy your heat pump on the internet when you compare the prices of the various retailers. The high operating costs of the physical stores mean that the online stores can usually keep prices lower.

In order not to be fooled, you should buy a good model from a quality brand and remember that the heat pump must be Nordic-adapted.

Nordic-adapted air-to-air heat pump

Heat pumps are sold in Europe and also in some stores in Sweden that are not adapted to the Nordic countries and thus cannot withstand the Swedish winter. Therefore, be careful not to be tempted by cheap heat pumps that then break in the cold.

Quality brand at a low price

When you buy a heat pump, you should choose a good model from a good brand and you can save several thousand by buying it on the internet. There are many very cheap heat pumps but which are of poor quality. As these must be repaired or replaced after the warranty has expired, it will usually be more expensive in the long run than if you bought a heat pump of good quality from the beginning.

ROT deduction for a cheaper installation

To reduce the labor cost of the installation by 30%, you should take advantage of the ROT deduction. The ROT deduction does not include the material, however, it usually only constitutes a small part of the installation cost.

Quotation gives price for heat pump

When you buy a heat pump, it is recommended that you take in several quotes. It is usually not needed if it is a cheap air / air heat pump as they are usually available at fixed prices in the stores with a fixed installation price. Therefore, no quote is needed as it is easy to compare the prices between the retailers yourself.

Buy a cheap heat pump?

In our online store's bargain corner you can find good and cheap heat pumps.

Cheap heat pumps

If you want a heat pump of good quality at a favorable price, you can get tips here on how to find it.

ROT deduction

It is possible to reduce the cost of the work the installer performs in the home by using the ROT deduction.

Save money with a heat pump

Reducing your costs is the most common reason for choosing to install a heat pump. You can save a lot with a good heat pump, so remember that it will not always be cheaper in the long run to buy the cheapest heat pump.

A good heat pump:

  • Is of a quality brand
  • Is Nordic-adapted
  • Is correctly installed
  • Is new
  • Has the right effect for the home
  • Has a long warranty
  • Is affordable

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