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clearly install what does it mean?

Installed and ready is a package offer which means that you get a fixed price when changing and installing.

We offer both services and products and know everything about heating and water. So we are happy to help you with the installation, whether it is bathroom or energy solutions. Our fitters are certified and you can feel confident that you will receive a smooth delivery. Shipping and removal of your old product is also included. You can feel safe with us as we have long guarantees on both branded products and the work performed.




This is included in a fixed price:

  • Home delivery
  • Product
  • Installation material
  • Replacement and installation
  • Work performed by a certified fitter
  • Shipping and removal of your old product
  • Ev. deponi

Save SEK 100,000 on ROT

If you use the ROT deduction, you can deduct 30% of the labor cost (maximum SEK 50,000). The deduction on labor costs applies per person. This means that you can deduct up to SEK 100,000 if you are two owners. Repairs, extensions and conversions are what are covered by the tax reduction.

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Submit a request for interest when you are interested in a heat pump quote or if you want service for your heat pump.

Installed & Done