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Which solar cells are best

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Which solar cells are best? In this article, we give you information & advice on how to think when investing in a photovoltaic system. We can also help you collect and compare quotes on solar cells, completely free of charge.

Investing in a photovoltaic system is not only an investment that gives you a good return for a long time to come but also an investment in the environment. Producing electricity with solar cells is one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives, together with wind power and hydropower.

Now that prices for solar cells have fallen drastically for several years, it is possible for most people to be able to invest in solar cells with a good return for many years to come.

Sweden has very good solar radiation, almost as good as in Germany, which means that there are good conditions to be able to produce its own green electricity with its own solar cell plant.

The best solar radiation is found in southern and central Sweden, but installing solar cells in northern Sweden is also profitable, even if the solar cells produce slightly less electricity than in southern Sweden.

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Solar Cell OffersHas helped thousands of private individuals find affordable solar cells all over Sweden. They offer you the opportunity to receive three quotes from certified solar cell companies in your area, completely free of charge.

This means that you have several quotes to compare between, which makes it easier for you to find the most affordable solution for your photovoltaic system.

With them you can also find lots of information, comparisons, product information, guides and much more that will help you a bit on the way to a decision.

Buying and installing solar cells is easy today as authorities and electricity companies have good routines for solar cells but also that no building permit is required to install solar cells.

Which solar cells are best?

The most common solar cells today are mono- and poly-crystalline solar cells. These solar cells are about as good and the only thing that really distinguishes these years is that the color of the former is blue while the latter has a black color.

In addition to appearance, both types have approximately the same effect and thus it is mainly a question of price when you choose between these two types of solar cells. The solar cells you buy also need to be certified, which means that the solar cells have undergone a test where the measured values ​​for the solar cells correspond to the product specification.

This means that when you buy certified solar cells, you can be sure that they give an effect that corresponds to the one that the company has stated.

When you compare solar cells, you should also review the solar cells' guarantees. There are two guarantees that apply to your solar cells. One is a product warranty, which is usually between 10-15 years.

This warranty applies if your solar cells stop working for any reason. The second guarantee is a power guarantee which means that the company guarantees that the solar cells that you have bought will not produce less is 80-85 percent of its original power.

The power guarantee is usually valid for 25 years and guarantees you that after 25 years your solar cells will not lose more than 15-20 percent of the solar cells' power. This means that you can be sure that your investment will give you a return for at least 25 years.

In addition to surface-mounted solar cells, there are also so-called integrated solar cells, which means that solar cells are integrated in the roof tiles or in the roof plate. This type of solar cell allows you to have a wider range of models and colors to
choose between. However, integrated solar cells are best suited in connection with new construction or in connection with the fact that you still need to change your roof.

When you plan to buy solar cells for your property, it is good that you receive several quotes from different suppliers so that you can both compare the solutions that the companies offer but also compare prices.

You should also check the solar cell product that you are offered and also the inverter so that they are compatible with each other so you do not lose power in connection with the direct current being converted to alternating current. You can also search for reviews online so you can see what other private individuals think about the photovoltaic systems that you have received a quote on.

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