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Fujitsu heat pumps

Fujitsu heat pump - Your best heat source

With Fujitsu air source heat pumps and air water heat pumps, you get an efficient heating of your house. Fujitsu has become one of the leading suppliers of heat pumps and air conditioners in Sweden. Fujitsu heat pumps are characterized by energy efficiency, quality and modern technology. Today, Fujitsu heat pumps account for about 10% of the Swedish market.

Fujitsu ARCTIC - air source heat pumps for the Nordic countries

Fujitsu heat pumps that are adapted to the Nordic and Swedish climate go by the name ARCTIC. The ARCTIC family consists of a number of unique individuals, all of whom are based on the same concept with pre-assembled thermostatically controlled heating cable and compressor heater. If someone tries to sell a Fujitsu without the designation ARCTIC, it is not a heat pump for the Nordic climate.

5-year full warranty with a certified dealer

Fujitsu air source heat pumps offer a full 5-year warranty. This is a great security, as the heat pump's repayment period is expected to be around 2 years.

Save money with an air source heat pump

Fujitsu heat pumps are highly efficient and significantly reduce your energy consumption. From day one, when you install a heat pump, you start saving money on your energy costs.

Control the heat pump with your mobile

With a flexible accessory, you can now control your heat pump with your mobile phone. There are several different mobile controllers and of course they come with flexible apps for smartphones. With the help of mobile control, you can always have control over the heating wherever you are and be warned if the heating goes awry.

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Fujitsu heat pumps