Försäkra en värmepump - Värmepumpen

Insure a heat pump

It can mean an investment of tens of thousands of kronor to acquire one heat pump and if it ceases to function, it is essential that it be repaired as soon as possible. When purchasing the heat pump, one from the manufacturer is included guarantee. The guarantee can be extended with a so-called function insurance, which means that the costs for the heat pump's repair in case of problems should be paid by the manufacturer. Subject to the service performed by the manufacturer.

A normal home insurance or home insurance does not reimburse the costs of repairing a heat pump. With some insurance companies, it is possible to extend the insurance to reimburse these expenses, but a better choice is to obtain the insurance from the manufacturer or supplier of the heat pump. If the heat pump leaked water or caught fire, the home insurance usually replaces the damage that has occurred to the property or other property.


Damage and faults in heat pumps

Damage and faults that occur on heat pumps have been examined.

The insurance company Folksam has made the best review regarding damage and faults in heat pumps:

  • Statistics from 1999 until today on damage to heat pumps from Folksam

Examples of insurance companies that can help insure your heat pump

If Insurance
Tips for those who are not passionate about hassle: We have the industry's simplest site! One insurance should be easy to understand, buy & use. Visit if.se today. Quick response in case of injury. Price in an instant. Security for you. Types of insurance: Home insurance, Car insurance, Animal insurance, Motorcycle insuranceinsurance, Life insurance.

Folksam insurance
Folksam insures every second Swede, every other home and every fifth car in Sweden. In addition to insurance, we offer savings and pension products.

Länsförsäkringar is close to you and offers banking and insurance services for individuals, companies and farmers.

Modern Insurance
One of the largest in the Nordic region insurance company with top-ranked insurance. Collect your insurances with Moderna Försäkringar and get up to 20% discount.

Trygg-Hansa - Insurance
Trygg-Hansa offers insurance for private individuals and companies. Get price information and take out insurance directly at… Safe-Hansa Insurance Company Trygg Hansa. Wait.

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Insure your heat pump

Synonyms forensure

  1. promise, certify, assert, certify, guarantee, assure
  2. insure, take insurance on