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CTC, together with Bentone, Turboflame and Osby Parca is part of Enertech Group AB and is a company in Ljungby municipality. They develop and manufacture products for heating. Enertech Group AB is now a part of Nibe Industrier AB.

In Enertech Group AB[1] also includes Bentone[2] which manufactures oil, biogas burners and Turboflame which manufactures proprietary compressed air burners and Osby Parca[3] which manufactures steam boilers and boilers for cogeneration and major industries. Enertech in Ljungby manufactures different types of heat pumps and boilers. Enertech Group AB has a total of over 460 employees.


In the spring of 1923, three technicians began in Gothenburg manufacture products for heating. The company's name became CTC - the initials of the founders Celsius-Tellander-Clarin. Production of boilers began in Ljungby in 1931. The following year, CTC started production of water heaters and boilers for wood and coal heating. Subsidiaries were formed in Germany.

CTC bought Corona works 1947. Coronaverken AB had been founded in 1918 in Gothenburg and had been manufacturing industrial washing machines for several years. In 1948, they bought DOMUS (at that time unrelated to KF). After the acquisitions, industrial washing machines were still manufactured by Coronaverken Hisingen in Gothenburg and smaller washing machines by DOMUS in Kungsbacka. Wascator became the sales company.

In 1952, CTC launched a combi boiler that could be fired with both oil and solid fuel. A new production facility was inaugurated in 1959 and research and development was moved from the head office in Gothenburg. In 1973 bought Electrolux business area washing machines. In 1977, CTC inaugurated the new facility at Näsvägen in Ljungby. The head office and all of CTC's production moved there. The electric boiler was launched and in 1982 exhaust air was launchedthe heat pump.

In 1984, CTC was bought by Saab-Scania and the Enertech group was formed with Saab-Scania's other companies in the heating industry. In 1985, air-water was introducedheat pumps. In 1988, CTC was sold together with other Enertech companies to the Trelleborg Group. In 1993, the company was sold on to the English group Wolseley. In 1998, a legal merger was made between CTC AB and Bentone AB. In 1999, CTC launched heat pumps for rock, land and lake.

In 2001, the Enertech group was sold to Enertech ltd. In 2007, solar heating systems and in 2008 heat pumps for larger properties were launched. At the same time, they continue to manufacture boilers for oil and solid fuels.

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