Certified Heat Pump Installer what does it mean?

Certified Heat Pump Installer

Certified installer

We teach you how to find companies with Certified Heat Pump Installers. The information comes directly from the certification bodies and they are responsible for ensuring that it is correct. Contact the certification bodies if something is wrong.



INCERT has for a number of years certified heat pump installers in collaboration with Mid Sweden University in Härnösand and according to the EU project EUCERT. This certification is replaced by certification in accordance with the Renewability Directive and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's regulation BFS 2015: 4 CIN 2.

According to the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28 / EC, every EU country must have a certification system for renewable energy installers. The purpose of the directive is to increase the use of renewable energy. The Swedish Energy Agency has been commissioned by the government to market this certification to end consumers, installers, manufacturers and other players in the market. Companies with certified installers will be searchable via the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's website and through the Swedish Energy Agency's energy and climate adviser. Already today you can find companies with certified installers on www.incertonline.sewhere certified companies and companies with certified persons can be applied for and that the validity of issued certificates can be checked in real time.

Here you will find a list of all companies that have certified people.

At present, there is no certification body that is accredited to issue certificates in accordance with BFS 2015: 4 CIN 2. INCERT has for some time worked together with the Swedish Energy Agency and the Polytechnic in Härnösand to build up a certification scheme that will be accredited. Until accreditation has been granted, INCERT issues temporary certificates as part of the test certification to be carried out prior to accreditation.

Scope and permissions

The certification refers to work on small facilities, ie systems with a nominal power for heating a building of a maximum of 20 kW.

Certificates may be issued for one or more of four authorizations

  • BP: boilers and furnaces for biomass
  • SC: solar cell system
  • SV: solar heating system
  • VP: heat pumps and geothermal heat

Note that this certification is optional and does not authorize the operation of an f-gas refrigerant circuit. Such authorization still requires a certificate in accordance with the Refrigerant Ordinance. For more information, see https://www.incert.se/teknikomraden/kyl-och-varmepump-anlaggningar-dar-koldmediet-ar-cfc-hcfc-eller-hfc/.


The requirements for obtaining a certificate in accordance with the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's regulation BFS 2015: 4 CIN 2:

  • Course approved by the Swedish Energy Agency - currently given by Heta Utbildningar Yrkeshögskolan i Härnösand.
  • Passed written test
  • Passed practical test
  • General technical knowledge - relevant technical education, alternatively a certificate that the applicant has acquired corresponding knowledge through at least five years' professional activity in the field
  • Experience of practical work - certificate of at least three years' full-time work during the last five-year period in respect of such facilities covered by the requested qualification
  • Suitability for the task - certificate of suitability of a person with a close working relationship with the applicant for the most recent professional three-year period

Course and examination

The examination center for this certification is Heta Utbildningar Härnösand. For more information about upcoming course and examination opportunities and registration, see Heta Utbildningar's website: http://www.hetautbildningar.se/utbildningar/uppdragsutbildning.4.308db64f13cc88f3389aad.html

Download annual certificate CIN 2 as pdf (without fillable fields) Download annual certificate CIN 2 as pdf (with fillable fields)

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The city of education Härnösand

Härnösand has a long tradition of educations in energy technology from high school to university level. The municipality of Härnösand is the responsible education provider for Heta Utbildningar YH, which started in 2006 as qualified vocational education / KY but in 2009 became a polytechnic / YH.

Heta Utbildningar conducts training for companies - examination courses for certification in F-gas / AC - examination courses for certification in Bioenergy, Solar, Solar Heat and Heat Pumps

Synonyms for certified

  • provide certificate, quality labeled, certify quality, approved, verified, authorized

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Certification Certification is a standardized test, for the issuance of a certificate or certificate, which may include a license, diploma or professional ID. The certification can be performed by a body, a legal or natural person who declares in writing that the contents of a document correspond to reality. Certification can be performed for personal knowledge or skills, or for products, organizations or institutions.