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various heat pumps that you can buy cheaply from us

Heat pumps are today common in Swedish homes. The common man has come to the realization that a heat pump reduces electricity costs, is cheaper and also protects the environment in an effective way.

By installing a heat pump, you get the advantage of saving money on your electricity bill for many years.

Cheap heat pumps at affordable prices for everyone

For those of you who are considering purchasing a heat pump, we go through important information and also advice on how to reduce expenses.

Heat pumps with lower cost

Today, there are many retailers and fitters to choose from as the demand for cheap heat pumps has grown. It can be difficult to find the right one as the prices vary greatly between different stores and online stores. But you can find very favorable prices if you put in a little extra preparation. You should feel satisfied with your heat pump and knowing that you have not spent too much on your heat pump is always nice.

Different variants of heat pumps at the best cost.

The first thing to do is to find the right kind of heat pump you want as there are many different variants to choose from. Then you can start looking for the best price for that variety. Finding a cheap heat pump at a favorable price differs somewhat depending on the type of pump you are looking for.

Affordable air-to-air heat pumps

A cheap heat pump that can be installed in most types of houses and that is available at favorable prices is air / air heat pumps. Energy costs can also be significantly reduced. The pump takes the heat from the air outdoors and then distributes it indoors.

For those of you who have a water-borne system, air-water is the most advantageous choice

Air Water heat pump is the most advantageous choice if you have a waterborne system. The pump takes heat from the air outdoors and uses it to heat water. The water can then be used for elements, underfloor heating and tap water. Despite the relatively cheap purchase price of these pumps, they save almost as much or more than the variants whose installation cost is considerably higher.
Rock heat pump, sea ​​heat pump, ground source heat pump and exhaust air heat pump are other types of heat pumps available, their names tell where they get their heat from. However, these alternatives do not save much more than a cheap air source heat pump and usually cost significantly more to acquire.

Online cheaper than in store

Finding affordable heat pumps is most easily done by shopping online. Physical stores have operating costs that increase the price of the pump. On a larger web chain, you can save several thousand kronor. The online stores do not have the same high costs as physical stores and they also get a lower price as they buy many heat pumps at the same time. The prices show this and you can save a lot as a customer. If you shop on the internet, your heat pump will practically always be cheaper.

heat pumps online at cheap prices

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Cheap prices and quality brands

Although it can be tempting to buy the heat pump for the lowest possible price, you should be careful not to be misled into buying cheap junk brands. These mostly break during the first winter as they are not adapted to the weather in the north.
Instead, invest in well-known quality brands such as Bosch or Panasonic. Then you get a heat pump with good quality at a low price. By buying a popular model from a well-known brand in a well-known online store, you can get a good heat pump at a lower price than in a physical store.
Which brands are good and reliable can be difficult to know. The information on how to choose the right brand can be helpful if you are unsure.

Examples of quality brands

  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • Bosch
  • Invest Living
  • Sharp
  • Fujitsu
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Nibe
  • CTC

Quotes for the best price

A quote may be unnecessary if you are only going to buy a small cheap heat pump for the summer cottage as there is a large selection of heat pumps that are sold together with the installation at a standard price.
However, a quote gives a good overview of what is included and what the final cost will be from the various suppliers if you want to buy larger heat pumps, such as air / water pumps, which are more advanced to install.

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